Our Purpose

The St. Aloysius Child Care Center was established to provide for the working families of the Parish and community, a home away from home for their children, while they work or pursue other interests. The center has been in operation since November 1986.

Our Goals

  • Provide quality, affordable care for children while  parents pursue their own work or other interests.
  • Meet the needs of the Parish for a developmentally appropriate early childhood care and education program and child care facility.
  • Provide families with the opportunity to interact with other parents and children in similar "working family" situations.
  • Provide opportunities for the parents to grow in  understanding of child development and to help parents  with an understanding of their own child.
  • Provide the child with opportunities for interaction with other children in wholesome social relationships.
  • Provide the child with a sense of self worth and well-being.
  • Provide the child with a secure, attached adult  relationship from which to explore and learn about themselves and the world around them.

Our Philosophy

We believe that an early childhood care and education program should consider the whole child and his/her individual development and needs. We believe that an early childhood program should provide a child with a secure, attached relationship with a caring, responsive, adult caregiver. It is important for children to feel good about themselves physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. We believe that a home away from home should provide a warm, positive, understanding, safe, secure, loving place for a child to play and learn. We believe that children learn through play and exposure to a variety of experiences. Children are individuals with unique and special needs. We allow for individual growth and development. 

Each child in our care can expect to be shown every day that they are loved and that they are an important part of God's world.  We believe children learn what they live. The Center will maintain a Christian approach in its program and care giving. A child's relationship with God is directly related to the relationships formed with adults, parents and teachers.